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Most Sought After Entry Level Certificates

Instruction for the comptia network+ exam


The CompTIA Network+ is an entry-level certification that covers networking concepts, troubleshooting, operations, tools and security as well as IT infrastructure. The certification is designed for junior network administrators, network field technicians, junior system engineers, IS consultants and network field engineers.

Get advanced instruction the security+ exam


Cyber security is a crucial IT skill for any technology role, so it’s a good idea to earn your CompTIA Security+ certification at the entry-level.CyPrep's cyber security classes are suited for network, system and security administrators, security specialists, junior IT auditors, security consultants and security engineers.

No Experience Needed

Take After Network+


CyPrep Boost


In person 5 day immersive boot-camp with live video instruction and onsite proctor.  This is our most popular choice and has several key elements to make your transition into cyber security easier.

  • 40 Hours of Instruction
  • Pre-class study materials 
  • Post-class practice exams and help
  • Post exam pass Internship program
  • Career assist with our hundreds of HR partners


CyPrep Standard


Online 5 day immersive test preparation boot-camp with live video instruction.  This is for remote students who cannot get to our in person cyber security boot-camp.

  • 40 Hours of Instruction
  • Pre-class study materials 
  • Post-class practice exams and help
  • Career assist with our hundreds of HR partners


CyPrep Basic


Online 5 day immersive cyber security test preparation boot-camp with recorded video instruction.  There is no live instruction with this basic program.  You still get pre-class instructional material and post class practice exams

  • 40 Hours of Instruction
  • Pre-class study materials 


Why CyPrep?

We specialize in custom cyber security classes and test preparation.  We do not offer hundreds of courses in dozens of industries.  We are not a clearinghouse for every kind of certificate.  We are a focused custom educational platform for only those interested in advancing their careers in this field Cyber Security.  We offer in house exam preparation with proven industry professionals.  You, the student will always get focused attention that is directed to the goal of passing the exam and getting you hired.  This is the new decade, get it started by changing your life and apply now.  

Why is This field important

Out With the Old In With the New


Many careers of the present have a definite shelf-life.  Some jobs are dramatically changing while others are disappearing all together.

  • Auto Mechanic
  • Television Repair
  • Fast-Food Worker
  • Warehouse Employees
  • Manufacturing
  • Tax Accountant
  • Printing Companies

There are hundreds more that impact millions of people.  The beginning of the next decade 2030 none of these careers will be available.

Digital Revolution is Real


As we roll into 2020 we also roll into several total game changers that will change your life in the next year.

  1. 5G - The amazing speed of tech is creating new devices and exchanges of information that effects all walks of life.
  2. IoT - The Internet of Things Everything is communicating with everything with and without your being present.
  3. A.I. - Siri knows you better than you know yourself.
  4. VR - Virtual Vacations, virtual offices, virtual interactions with others real and not real.

Slave to Technology Owner in the Field


If you put a live frog in cool water, then gradually turn up the temperature, the frog will not notice until it's too late.

The world is rapidly changing around you.  While you are enjoying Instagram, selfies and the ease of life technology affords you, are you taking advantage of technology?  Or, are you allowing technology to take advantage of you?  Don't be the frog!

About Us

Our Background

CyPrep is committed to offer the best test preparation cyber security classes available.  The current costs of many certifications in this highly sought after industry are limiting entry to a select few.  However, this is a field that is wide open and can be available to you.  CyPrep offers cyber security classes at reduced cost and additional assistance at no cost in order to get as many people involved in the industry as possible.     Getting the certification is just half the battle.  

The cyber security certificate means nothing if people cannot get experience or employed.  Therefore, we are not done until we get you into the industry.

Our Expertise

We have on staff highly qualified cyber security instructors with years of experience in test preparation.  We also have the corporate business knowledge needed to run this type of entity in a fashion that should have our student's confident in our ability to get them going.

How You Can Help Others

Earn money by helping others to change their lives.  CyPrep will pay you $200 for every student who signs up and starts the program.  You will not have to wait until they finish the program.  The beauty of our referral program is you get paid to change others lives for the better.  Just call our number and speak to a representative about how to help others.

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